Prudent Advice

Life Lessons for My Daughter

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#204 Be candid.

Use language that is free from subterfuge to render opinions that are frank, outspoken, and sincere. Choose appropriate moments to do so and strive to be impartial and unreserved. If you can develop consistency and compassion in this regard you will be known as a trusted friend and valued confidant, while simultaneously cultivating an honest and forthright relationship with the observations and emotions roiling about in your own head.

#202 Accept the invitation.

Just go! Go visit your Peace Corps friend volunteering in Guatemala; go wear a fancy dress to the Daytime Emmys; go chat with the boys at the Ghanaian Soccer Academy benefit. When you get an invitation to do something out of the ordinary see it as a little microcosm of life’s possibilities and say “yes,” even if you’re tired, nervous, or uncertain. At least when you’re older, you’ll be able to reflect on your adventures, instead of regretting shiny bubbles of opportunity that floated away while you were moored to the couch.