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#207 Coloring your hair is an ongoing commitment.

Think long and hard before you begin dyeing your hair – once you start it’s difficult to go back. A lot of upkeep is required to ensure your roots aren’t showing and the color hasn’t faded; a lot of energy is spent agonizing over the most flattering shade and complimentary tone. One day you may realize that you’ve spent endless hours and countless dollars in the salon chair just trying to recapture the beautiful hair color you were born with.

#199 Wear bikinis while you can!

There will come a day you realize that you’ve traded in your youthful body for a whole other one; you’ll look down at yourself and think “When did this happen?” That’s the day a bikini stops being appropriate. Don’t worry about that day – I promise by the time you get there you really won’t mind – and in the meantime have a blast in adorable two-pieces.

#156 Expressing your individuality is important, but try not to become a caricature of yourself.

There is a certain knack to outwardly expressing your personality. Things like tattoos and purple hair can often reflect the opposite of individuality, coming off more along the lines of “I’m unique, just like all of my friends”. If you work too hard at using your outward appearance to reflect your inner uniqueness, you can seem one-dimensional. Your individuality is illustrated by much more then the way you look.

#139 Shopping is neither a hobby nor a sport.

Shopping can be a fun activity; most women cannot deny a little high when finding the perfect pair of three-inch aubergine leather heels to match that vintage paisley dress or a hand stained mahogany hardwood end table that fits perfectly in the nook by the fireplace. But know that at the end of the day, shopping is simply a means of acquiring things. Life is not about amassing loads of slick stuff. When shopping becomes your hobby, it’s time to find something else to fill the hole inside you where you normally put things.