Prudent Advice

Life Lessons for My Daughter

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#232 You can tell me your secrets.

If you are privy to someone else’s secret, I advise you to keep it in confidence. But if you have a secret that’s gnawing you from the inside out, you can unload it onto me. I promise never to judge you, to keep your secret locked in the vault, and to respect your decision if you choose not to share it with me at all.

#186 Relish rocking your baby to sleep.

Babyhood is so short and so infused with magic, but it’s also filled with exhaustion. There is nothing on Earth as special as those restful moments a parent shares with a sleeping baby rocking in a chair, humming a lullaby, peacefully nestled close. You are still a baby, and already I mourn the day you grow too big to cuddle on my lap as your tiny hands relax, your eyes droop, and you drift off into safe, contented slumber while I sigh at you, delirious with love.

#171 There is no “man’s work.”

You can change a tire, build a fire, take the trash out, invest your savings, fix the plumbing, etc. Now if a nice man wants to help you with these things, and you want his help, by all means take it. You have nothing to prove; I just don’t want you to count on a male human handling things for you that you are entirely capable of handling yourself.