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Life Lessons for My Daughter

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#257 Nothing can ruin your life like drugs.

I want to be honest with you, because there is a lot of fear mongering clouding the choices you are going to face. I’ll admit it’s a fact that some people are able to use drugs without fundamentally destroying their lives; however, you must assume that you are not one of them. You can’t know how you will react to various drugs unless you try them, but the catch is that if you’re part of the majority who can’t control their usage, trying drugs will send you down a spiral from which it will be all but impossible to recover. Every drug user alters his or her life’s potential; drugs rob you of ambition and disconnect you from your identity. This is one of the very few lessons that I hope you do not have to learn through experience. The thought of your tiny perfection being usurped by chemical addiction is too much for me to bear.

#253 Pay no attention to the line of impossibility.

Subconscious belief that there is a line you cannot cross -a line that separates the realistic from the impossible- is what keeps talented people from achieving success. If you want to write the great American novel, star in a Tom Stoppard play, or be point guard for the Sparks, just research the usual steps needed to do those things, then embark upon the journey. Whether you succeed or not will be based on your talent, not your drive; that’s respectable.