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{a little diversion}

{a little diversion}

Prudent Advice was featured in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, in an article titled Books for The Pickiest Personalities in Your Life. I’m so honored that this book we created together was included.

Just a week until Christmas and you’re plumb out of gift ideas for some of the tough customers in your life? Consider something deeply retro: a book…

The Young Mother
Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Baby Daughter, a Life List for Every Woman, by Jaime Morrison Curtis.

Read what they had to say at about Prudent Advice at The Wall Street Journal.

{a little announcement}

I am proud and humbled to share with you this beautiful image of the book Prudent Advice, and to let you know it is now available for pre-order. Thank you to everyone who has read and contributed to this endeavor. I hope it lives up to your expectations, and does our daughters justice.

Prudent Advice:
Lessons for My Baby Daughter (A Life List for Every Woman)

Now available for pre-order:
Amazon| Barnes & Noble | Borders | Indie Bound

Quest, Melbourne, 2007. Chris Doyle

Unmade 02/01/09. Frank Ryan

#186 Relish rocking your baby to sleep.

Babyhood is so short and so infused with magic, but it’s also filled with exhaustion. There is nothing on Earth as special as those restful moments a parent shares with a sleeping baby rocking in a chair, humming a lullaby, peacefully nestled close. You are still a baby, and already I mourn the day you grow too big to cuddle on my lap as your tiny hands relax, your eyes droop, and you drift off into safe, contented slumber while I sigh at you, delirious with love.

Amelia. 2007. Heidi Johansen.

The Dream. 2008. Damien Hirst